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Personal statement review

who reviews personal statement review

Doctor or Dentist

All medicine personal statements will be carefully critiqued by two Doctors.

what feedback do i get?

Our experienced team will review your statement and provide structured feedback and suggestions. You will receive this within the time frame you choose, directly back to your email address.

You will gain feedback in the following key themes with a score to help you see what level your statement is at.

Key skills

The review will go through your statement sentence by sentence and provide personalised feedback following each paragraph.

You will also get relevant suggestions including how to link sentences, how to incorporate ethical or key medical principles.

Feedback includes comments on:

  • Sentence structure
  • Grammar
  • Content
  • Relevance
  • What to include to strengthen your statement e.g. Buzzword or medical example

why choose mediteach?

Reviewed by London based Doctors
Get an experienced review to strengthen your application
Save many hours by getting a clear direction on how to structure your statement
Very affordable price in comparison to other professional services
Highly detailed reviews used by many successful applicants
Fast service

take a look at our reviews

“I like the way how Medi_Teach fixed my paper. They pointed out not only the strengths, but also the weaknesses. Moreover, they gave me advise how to make it more professional. I felt much more confident about my personal statement (PS). I highly recommend Medi_Teach for those who want to improve their PS to another level. Thank you”



Dental Applicant

“This is what I wanted. MediTeach really did an excellent work to help me to edit my PS. The edition was more than I expected. I would recommend MediTeach if you want an excellent edition and suggestion for your PS”



Dental Applicant

“This review service was more than I expected! I thought I had a near-final draft but the comments I received helped me improve my statement so much further, especially correcting my use of medical terminology. I loved the suggestions of several buzzwords which really helped my statement stand out, thank you so much! :)”



1st-year Medical Student

PS Re-review

  • 1x Re-review
  • Reviewed by Doctor/Dentist
  • 72 Hour turnover
  • Detailed Feedback & Suggestions

Express Review

£99.99 £59.99
  • 1x Review
  • Reviewed by Doctor/Dentist
  • 24 Hour turnover
  • Detailed Feedback & Suggestions


You can purchase our personal statement review by clicking here

Your personal statement will be reviewed by two UK based doctors. Dental personal statements will be reviewed by a UK based Dentist.

Absolutely. We are more than happy to re-review your statement. Unlike other services we charge significantly less for a re-review.

Take a look at our pricing table above for specific time frames. Usually we aim to get your statement reviewed within 72 hours if not earlier!

MediTeach was created with the sole focus of providing help to all students. We believe our price is affordable and reflects the time and effort put into reviewing your statement. We appreciate some students may not be able to pay at this moment in time so we are more than happy to offer bursaries/discounts. Please get in touch via instagram DM or email: Mediteach14@gmail.com