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Who made these Ultimate revision notes

Created for you

Created through multiple medical resources and clinical experience to create the ultimate revision notes.

Created by Doctors

Created by UK Medical Doctors in collaboration with top-scoring medical students.


Crafted over many years to provide affordable notes in comparison to other overpriced resources.

Essential knowledge

Contain all essential knowledge to pass medical school examinations.

Our ultimate notes break down each subject into digestible easy to learn topics. 

Concise notes on Pathophysiology, Causes, Clinical features, Investigations and Management.

What do you get?

You will get instant lifetime access to a PDF document with the following topics.




why use our notes?

Created by London based Doctors and used by top scoring medical school graduates.
Use our notes with an active recall master spreadsheet to master your knowledge.
Get high yield concise notes crafted from multiple sources
Spend more time on clinical placement or practicing exam style questions
Utilise our videos linked to each section of the notes to get deep understanding
Save thousands of hours!
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1 + Questions
Save 1 s of hours

How to use our notes

(1) Download

Download onto a device you can edit on or simply print out.

(2) Highlight

Briefly skim through a topic. This can include quick highlighting or annotating.

(3) Consolidate

Read over the notes with more attention and use our flashcards to test your knowledge.

(4) Active recall

Use our master active recall spreadsheet to test what you have learnt.

Medicine Notes

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  • 25 Topics
  • Medicine Notes
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  • 25 Topics
  • Medicine Notes
  • Surgery Notes
  • 3000+ Active recall questions

take a look at our reviews

“I’ve used these notes for a while now and even through my training as a Doctor they remain extremely beneficial in learning important information on common topics”



Junior doctor

“These notes are so concise and comprehensive, they list the most important information in easily digestible chunks. There are literally thousands of active recall questions that test your knowledge, an excellent resource – highly recommended for anyone who is looking for already compiled notes, saving the hassle of poring over textbooks and journals!”



1st Year Medical Student

“I used these to help in my final year exams and they saved me so much time to focus on just passmedicine questions rather than writing up searching for information. A lifetime purchase as well i’m sure ill still be using them in the future!”



Final Year Medical Student


You can purchase our best selling notes by clicking here

Once you purchase through our secure website you will gain instant access to download your purchase. The notes are currently in a PDF format with a master excel spreadsheet for the active recall questions.

After purchase you will gain lifetime access to our notes.

You can see the pricing table on this page where we offer medicine notes and questions individually. We recommend purchasing our best selling Notes & Questions bundle which DOES contain all of our Medicine & surgery notes with over 3000+ active recall questions.

Our notes have a proven record with students passing UK medical school examinations. Check out some of the videos above for snippets of our notes.

MediTeach was created with the sole focus of providing help to all students. We believe our price is affordable and reflects revision notes that help for 6+ years of university/work. We appreciate some students may not be able to pay at this moment in time so we are more than happy to offer bursaries/discounts. Please get in touch via instagram DM or email: Mediteach14@gmail.com