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Why Medicine? | Interview questions answered

Why Medicine?

As cliche as it may sound, the best way to answer this question is to be entirely honest. Think about why you really want to do medicine.

Of course, if this is related to a personal experience you may have had – for example being hospitalised as a child or having seen/had the responsibility of caring for someone – this will make your answer stand out.

Try to avoid generalised statements such as ‘I want to do medicine to help people’ or that ‘I love science’. Although these statements may well be true, you should try to go into as much detail as possible.

For example, is there a particular cause such as homelessness that you are passionate about or do you have a background/ outstanding achievements that highlight why your academic aptitude can help make advancements in the medical field?

If you’re struggling, remember to think about all the opportunities a medical career can bring including the opportunity to specialise in over 60 specialities as well as it being a career that brings lifelong learning opportunities. If you love working with people, think you have great communications skills and feel like you really empathise with people 

Mediteach Top tips

  • We have heard applicants saying their motivation to be a doctor is to make a lot money. This is not true and we strongly believe that if this is your motivation then you should reconsider!
  • The interviewers WILL know if you are being honest and genuine with your answer so making up answers just for the sake of standing out from the crowd is not a great idea. 
  • Being personal or adding a personal touch in your answer is important. 
  • Try not to come up with too many reasons- having around two or three reasons to answer this question, and then explaining them is ideal. 
  • Be confident in telling your story or giving your reasons as to why you want to study medicine. Remember the start and end of your answer are where you will make your impression so make sure you have a confident and strong conclusion to your answer. 

We hope you found this helpful, feel free to check at our other articles on common questions asked in medical/dental interviews