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Why not nursing? | Interview questions answered

Why not nursing?

This is a commonly asked interview question that applicants seem to have difficulty in answering . The best way to approach this question is to make sure you acknowledge the importance of nurses and that you are aware of the important role they have. 

Nurses are an integral part of the medical profession and multidisciplinary team. 

HIghlight the differences in roles between nurses and doctors. For example, doctors are more involved in diagnosis whereas nurses are more involved in carrying out treatments. 

After showing that you understand the different roles that doctors and nurses have, you can then talk about why you feel you would be more well suited to being a doctor. Perhaps you enjoy the problem solving aspect in diagnosis or the greater use of applied science as a doctor. 

You can also speak about your work experience here and relate it to why you think being a doctor is more well suited to you – perhaps you witnessed doctors and nurses working together in a team but playing different roles. 

Mediteach top tips

  • Do not say anything negative. The truth is, nurses are amazing! They play a vital role in the healthcare profession and as a junior doctor, you can be sure to learn lots from them. 
  • Remember as nurses and doctors, you both form an important part of the multidisciplinary team, with the common goal of acting in the best interest of your patient and providing optimal patient care. 
  • You can use this answer guide to answer similar questions such as ‘What attracts you to medicine and not another healthcare role?’

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